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Virtess 420 Fly   

Who We Are

Bavaria Motorboats of North America brings one of the top ranked and biggest yacht builders in Europe, Bavaria Holdings, to North America. German customized designs and engineering will leave you speechless. Whether you want speed or simply want to relax as you cruise along the coastline, Bavaria Motorboats will take care of you.

Bavaria Motorboats features yachts from 29’ to 49’ which are built with quality craftsmanship. Compared to Sea Ray or Regal boats, our vessels have superior value and clearly stand out above the competition.

Bavaria Motorboats has been a successful and award winning brand in Europe for years. North America now has a great opportunity to experience the modern manufacturing methods, true innovation, and highly skilled craftsmanship of these powerful and beautiful yachts.

The Difference

2014 Bavaria Motorboats

Bavaria Motorboats ensures that every detail of its engineering and craftsmanship is perfected and the beauty of its appearance is maintained. To say Bavaria Motorboats takes care of your needs would be an understatement.

Bavaria Motorboats quite simply epitomizes beauty on the water. Our motorboats for sale are gorgeous, customized yachts at your fingertips. The moment you witness the elegant manufacturing which is the Bavaria, you will find it hard to look away. The fact is you won’t be able to turn away. 

Award Winning

Bavaria Motorboats has been successfully winning awards in Europe for years. With multiple cabin configurations as well as luxuriously spacious and comfortable living quarters, a range of factory-fit options and modern styling, our cruisers exude quality. The most striking quality of Bavaria Motorboats is the attention to detail in its engineering.

2014 Bavaria Motorboats

2014 Bavaria Motorboats